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Realm of the Pale Angels

... reach out and touch FAITH!!!

Angelica Albina

This is a sacred place, a gentle place, where harm is meant to none.

Hello. I'm a friendly person, if a little eccentric at times, and if you've stumbled across this journal and want to get to know me, welcome.

This is one of several journals I own (I won't link you to the others because they're probably irrelevant or boring to anyone who shares the interests listed here, and I can't be bothered writing out all that HTML anyway. :P) It's a journal based around several themes, including my appreciation of beauty. What I find beautiful includes, but is not limited to, albinism, sexy angels, unconventional people and the like. I

talk about these things here a lot. I mean this to be respectful and loving, not objectifying. Sometimes I use this space for my little creative-writing whimsies, which may include adult content. I don't wish to cause offence to anyone with this, that is why my journal is FRIENDS-ONLY.

What this journal is NOT used for: Creepiness, stalking, serial-adding, trolling or flaming. Because I don't do that sort of thing. NOBODY likes that. This is a place where there's no hurtful intentions or words.

I worship, love and respect not only "pale angels", but angels of every colour, kind and shape. That includes my friends, and if you want to, it could include you too. :)

"Pajarita de las nieves
te llamaban."

- Federico Garcia Lorca, 1898-1936

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Many thanks to tcregan for icons, petulantgod for my Friends Only banner, and tsuru_san for the lovely bunny colour bar! You all rock :D!

Albino Bunnies Are Fuzzy Love


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